When I received the letter from Dick Gorgens via fedex stating that my website was libelous,  I ask what is wrong on the site.  After not receiving a response, I resent it. This was Dick's response, which includes my emails.

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Dick Gorgens

From: Bill Silverstein<bills@mrbill.com>, on 1/10/97 1:52 PM:
Since I have not heard anything I am resending this to insure that you
did receive it.


I have just received your letter of December 19, 1996. I did not see
anything incorrect or libellous in the section entitled "Work."

If there is anything factually incorrect, please inform me to what is
incorrect so that I may make the necessary corrections.

I still want to try to work things out between us. We could agree not
to talk about these disputes publicly while we were having such
discusssions. This would include my web site, television, radio,
books, and periodicals. I will even defer my upcoming book interview.

I do want to settle this in an amicable fashion, but will not give up
when I am in the right. I would hope that you would not want to turn
this into a vendetta.

However, if I have to look for work elsewhere, I'll have to put
something about why I'm not working for MSI any more in this part of
my web site. I can't just leave MSI out and have a multi-year gap on
my resume.
What do you mean you have a little job for me?
- Hercules

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