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On June 7, 2000 I went to the Mattel stockholders meeting at the Huntington Beach Marriott. And for those who wonder, yes I own a small number of Mattel shares.

While placing a one page flyer, with questions for   other Mattel stockholders to ask Mattel, Bob Simon (one of the Mattel security force) read the flyer. After reading the flyer, Simon grabbed my arm. I instructed him to remove his hand from me, which he then complied. He told me to leave, which I refused.

He told me this was the Mattel stockholders meeting, and that I was not welcome. I told him that I was a Mattel stockholder. He then not only demanded my proxy statement, but he also demanded photo identification and inspected my bag. He did confirm that I was signed in as a stockholder and told me, " you'd better not disrupt the meeting." I guess that anyone asks about Mattel violating the law is considered disruptive.  It seemed as though he or one of the other Mattel Secret Service wannabees, complete with earphones,  followed me during the entire meeting.

Not is not only another act of retaliation by Mattel, but may be criminal battery by Mr. Simon. There were non-stockholders present at the meeting, including Elliot Gould and Lisa Bannon, of the Wall Street Journal. The meeting rules stated that only stockholders or their proxies may address the meeting, which implies that Mattel expected non-shareholders to be present. Prior to the meeting, I was told by Mattel, that non-stockholders may attend. The only reason that Mattel  security required me to show evidence of my being a shareholder is that I opposing Mattel's violations of the disability laws.

During the Mattel, Eckert, the new CEO, heard us, and understood the question. He  just didn't answer the questions.

Some interesting items that people brought up at the meeting:

  • Because of outdated forms and procedures, there is about $30,000,000 a year wasted on mistakes

  • That a board member who is also an attorney is billing Mattel for legal work done for Mattel. This is frowned upon by the American Bar Association as a conflict of interest.

Elliot Gould stood up and talked about the Screen Actor's Guild picket and Mattel's refusal to negotiate an interim agreement. Eckert said, "Personal issues, labor disputes, and strikes were not appropriate to discuss in this forum." I stated that, "anything that could effect Mattel's reputation, profitability, and marketing is something that  shareholders have a right to know about." If Mattel is hiring substandard performers for advertising, product voices and images, it would be a waste of money.  Mattel wasting large amounts of money, Mattel violating laws, or Mattel breaching ABA ethical guidelines might be of interest to shareholders.

Having a board member that gets paid additional for being involved in legal work for Mattel may explain why Mattel is known for being involved in abusive litigation. That may be why Lisa Bannon wrote about Barrister Barbie. And may have caused Pink Anger to come to the attention of  John C. Dvorak.

It does not surprise me that Mattel would violate workers rights. Mattel violated mine, and sued me when I complained about it. Mattel has been called to question on worker abuse in Barbie's Betrayal. Mattel claims to implement a set of  "global manufacturing principles" which one person at the meeting asked for reports to be published semi-annually, but this request was denied. I have yet to see one report on Mattel's compliance to these principles.

Elliot Gould and I spoke at the meeting briefly, then he called me Thursday morning and we talked a little more. He believes that one of the problems with corporate America is that is they run roughshod over the environment. He defines the environment as including the workers. I agree, that many corporations abuse workers and this must be stopped. Since I started this website, I have seen how pervasive employee abuse has become. One reason that I continue my battle with Mattel, is to show that an individual can win against a large corporation. 

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