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I, William Silverstein, did most of the work on this site. Many of the legal documents were converted from their native format to html using WordPerfect and then their formats tweaked by hand.

What you read on this site has developed over two years, I did not sit and type this at one session.  I worked on this for small periods of time at a time. Many people's comments were incorporated into the site over time.

This was after I received the treatment in China and rested per doctors' instructions. This site is further evidence that my treatment and time request from MSI / TLC / Mattel were not just reasonable, but successful.

In June 1997, I went back to work on a full time basis developing software. I took frequent breaks, as anyone using a keyboard should, and iced regularly. Since June 1997, the only time that I was not working for any significant amount of time was when I was recovering from my two surgeries.

My original claim with MSI / TLC / Mattel is that I was fired when I took legally protected time. This site and my return to work is proof that time off, and treatment, was needed and effective. Also, the original claimed included retaliation. That they did not consider me for return to work as required by law. This was not an issue of keeping the job open or making a new job. MSI / TLC / Mattel admitted to hiring at least one other person to do the work that I was doing, after I had requested to return to work. As of March 20, 2000 they are still advertising for software engineering positions that I am qualified to fill.

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