V-Communications software WILL DESTROY YOUR DATA

Stay away from V-Com's Partition Commander

V-Com's technical support admits that using their software as intended will probably corrupt your files.

I made the mistake of buying and using this software. It completely destroyed my hard drive partition. A hard drive partition is a drive letter under Windows (ie. C:).

I used Partition Commander to convert my partition type, a function that they advertise, from NTFS to FAT32. Their software appeared to perform the conversion correctly -- until I rebooted the computer and tried to access the data on the drive. When I contacted their technical support, the technical support representative told me using their software to convert partition types usually converting partition types will damage some of the files. When I asked for a manager, was referred to Derrick at  818-591-6248. When I called that number, the technical support representative claimed that Derrick was in a meeting, but laughed at their software causing my data loss.

I have developed software for over 25 years, but this attitude is unacceptable. It is one thing to have bugs in software, it is completely different to have software that usually will corrupt a person's hard drive -- and then laugh about it.

I am tired of software companies just laughing at known problems with their software that cause harm. While one may expect bugs, it is different from knowingly releasing Crapware while disclaiming all responsibility.

What has happened to pride in writing good code? Are all the real programmers dead?

We should not accept this type of software!

Is it right to pay for an upgrade, that fixes a serious and obvious flaw? A Sage Software representative told me that an upgrade will enhance performance because it frees resources that it no longer uses. Any competent programmer knows to free resources (memory, sockets, files, etc.) when you are done with those resources. Every introductory C or C++ programming class says when you have allocate memory, you free that memory when you are done. The same goes with almost any other resource.

We should not pay to have software companies fix their bugs!


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