This page are for people who need to get away. If you need to get away, I may have the place for you to get away to.

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Cape Cod - The Cove at Yarmouth The summer vacation spot of New England. President Clinton take his vacations on the Cape. The Kennedys have a home on the Cape. The Cove is very close to Downtown Hyannis, which is not very big, and a short drive to the ferry for Martha's Vineyard.
Available: 6/18/00 - 6/24/00.

Kauai, Hawaii - Lawai Beach Resort Kauai is the Garden Island of Hawaii. Where no building can be taller than a palm tree. This is where they filmed Fantasy Island, Jurrasic Park, and many other movies. Click here to see how beautiful

Available: 12/8/00 - 12/15/00

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