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I would like to thank Jan E., Dave S., Rich G., Rich E., for their help in characterizing the Real Programmer, Kathy B. for putting up with it, and atd!avsdS:mark for the original inspiration.

[DEC hacker note: this came from a paper that surfaced in Bedford, unsigned. The author apparently is a Unix hacker (note the node name), Does anyone know where this came from?]


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See how Microsystems Software fired an employee who went to the hospital for treatment of a work related injury. Even after paying over $140874.80 Mattel, Microsystems, and The Learning Company used a baseless libel claim to try to shut down this site. Now they demand an apology.  See how Mattel, MSI, and TLC is now the subject of a $48,595,103.77 lawsuit because they tried to silence this website using a frivolous libel counterclaim.

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