What do you get from working too much on a computer?


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Current resume (really, not so current).

I have been working on a site that helps people make money helping people become young.

Fight Crapware! Crapware is software that is really bad. You know software is bad, when their technical support person says, "it usually corrupts files." Or, "we improved performance by releasing resources that we are not using anymore." And...to add insult to injury they charge you to tell you this and offer you bug fixes for a price. Stay away from Partition Commander!

I believe in following few rules when developing software:

Always code as if the person who is maintaining or testing your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live.


I authored a sporadic column, OS/2: Surviving at Warp Speed along with other articles on multiplatform development.

OS/2: Surviving at Warp Speed, Boston Computer Society PC Report

Multiple Platform Development

Other Articles

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